Quick Nutritious Harvest Lunch

As I experience a high level of stress to finish my Doctorate of Naturopathy degree I have to remind myself to watch my diet to feed my body a lot of nutrients. When under stress your body can burn through more nutrients than you normally would. As I approach the finish line, the last thing I want to do is crash and burn as my diploma arrives. Today was a warning. I struggle from shingles and I felt them flaring up once again. So off to my chiropractor / ND doctor I went this morning for an adjustment. He reminded me that it was important to keep my veggie level high during this time.

So what's for lunch at my house today?

I took some veggies from my refrigerator and chopped them up.  I used zuchinni, red onion, carrots and fresh garlic.  I put 1 Tbs organic olive oil in a small cast iron frying pan and sautee'd them just to the point of slightly crunchy.  Too much cooking removes nutrients and kills off the good enzymes.

 I placed 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa in a pan of water and set it to simmer. 

When it was cooked I put the quinoa on a plate and placed the veggies on top.  I added a little rosemary, celtic sea salt and pepper.  And here it is...... Lunch that was quick and nutritious. 

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Theresa said...

Looks delish! Can you email me so I can ask you a natural health/thyroid question?

Sandra @ Serendipitous Home said...

Hey Steph,
Good luck on the doctorate.
That sure looks yummy and to help me from surgery I'm gonna whip up some of it tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.


Tracy said...

Looks very tastey :>)

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