Healing From Things You Cannot Control

It's been almost two weeks since Clayton College of Natural Health announced on its Facebook page that they were having financial difficulties, had laid of many of its staff and apologized for any hardship this has created for the staff, students and family.  It was followed up with a comment that on Monday (July 12th) they would be meeting with the State of Alabama Post Secondary Ed Dept to discuss a plan going forward.  So we all waited.  Three thousand plus students were enrolled and pursuing a degree through Clayton.  So I was not alone.  It all came as a shock - no warning, no incling that there was an issue other than a constant shifting of advisers being assigned to me over the last few months.  But even that did not signal a crisis, only a staffing issue.

I had just entered my last phase of the Doctorate of Naturopathy program.  I was excited to see the end in sight as I carefully counted and planned out my schedule for completion over the next year.  But this change of events turned my plans upside down.  There was a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as I evaluated why a layoff of staff would necessitate a meeting with the state and a plan to move forward.  That feeling encouraged me to study and finish my class over the weekend to get one more item on my transcript.  So on Sunday, July 11th I submit all the necessary coursework to complete my Detoxification and Healing class. 

Then came the news on Tuesday.  Clayton College of Natural Health after 30 years in business has decided to shut its doors due to economic reasons.  I had just finished paying my last monthly payment in May totalling $7050.  Why no warning we all wondered?  What is next for us?  Hints were given through a reporter and then finally published on the website that the college was working to put together a "Teach Out" program.  This is a program by which the school can have a limited staff to assist some students in completion of their degrees, allow for transfer to other colleges or continue their degrees under another authority.  Notice I said "some".  Yes that is key.  We do not know who may be eligible or if the plan will actually come to fruition.

Recently on a news website an article was posted on how the school closing had effected Clayton students.  There were many that posted ugly topics like "That's what you get for going to an unaccredited school" or   "Who would think that they really could get a Doctorate degree for $7,000".  For one thing "degrees" in holistic health are not like those from regular universities - thankfully.  :)  There is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to the holistic health arena.  Most of us do not want a school with accreditation because that means that the course content will be watered down to represent what the government deems to be relevant and not what really is.  Some where along the line we have begun to believe that having government approval means value and authenticity.  Well it doesn't.  It actually makes things worse.  The government cannot be an expert in all areas and to believe that it can regulate every aspect of your life effectively is just insane.  So using the brain God gave me I evaluated the courses and chose Clayton.  It's just unfortunate that the management of the school handled the economic downturn and whatever else contributed to the loss of our school - poorly. 

So for now I am left wondering where I will end up.  Recent news from Clayton states that an individual has been found for a "Teach Out" program for a few individuals.  That doesn't sound promising.  They also mention that they are working with other colleges to allow transferring of students.  To this all I see are $$$ on my part after having paid Clayton over $7,000 for the same coursework that I will probably never get to finish. 

One friend reminded me of a verse from the Bible.  I think it is appropriate in this situation. I am reminded that God was not surprised by this and that He is still in control.  What they meant for evil God intends for good.

Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."

To all my Clayton fellow students.  Keep the faith, keep striving for your dreams and never let anyone else steal them from you.

To your health..... naturally.


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Julianne said...

Your insight of government approval is so correct. Your are an amazing woman with an amazing story. Anyone who would be a patient of yours would be in extremely capable hands. Best wishes as you complete your education and future practice.

ladybugsandbees said...

Thank you Julianne. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am moving onward and upward again.

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